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The sermon at church Sunday was about “living intentionally.”  It motivated me to be more aggressive in my daily life with the things and people that are important to me.  I was reminded of how much time I waste and how little I often accomplish in a day. 


Consultant Larry Barkan says, “There is no such thing as ‘time management.’  I hope that statement doesn’t shock you who have attended time management seminars, read time management books or tried somehow to reduce your hopelessly overburdened work schedule. 


We cannot manage time, but we can manage ourselves with respect to time.  Work always expands to meet the time available.”  There is a Bible verse that says, “Make the best possible use of your time.”


Here are some simple things you can begin doing to live more intentionally:

  • First, do one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking is a good thing but often we get distracted by one thing while trying to accomplish another.  Focus on what is most important at the moment and get it done!
  • Second, if you feel pressured throughout your work day, then try to slow down.  Often we cannot focus because we are trying to work at a pace that prevents us from being effective and productive. 
  • Third, evaluate how you are performing your work.  Take time to consider steps that might improve your productivity.


Michael Duckett says, “Only two percent of the population in any industrialized nation seriously makes significant improvement toward what they want.  In other words, most people are walking, talking and breathing, but are dead mentally and spiritually.”


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