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What does it mean to be truthful?  Some say it is “earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.”


The truth.  We never seem to appreciate it until we are lied to.  Then the result is often so devastating that we realize that truthfulness is actually a treasure.  Relationships are built on the truth.  Being truthful is like making deposits into your bank account.  The balance grows and grows until the truthful person is known by his truthfulness.  We realize that person can be counted on.  He is a individual who has character and personal integrity. 


So often we choose not to be truthful because we think it is easier to lie.  Now, it sounds nicer to say we misrepresent the truth.  Whatever we call it, we lie because we think the lie puts us in a better light.  We lie because we are not sure people will accept us the way we are.  We have a need to make ourselves appear more significant and do so by not telling the truth.


Think of a time someone lied to you.  How did it make you feel?  You probably felt betrayed and deceived.  You felt like they had taken advantage of you.  You trusted them and they abused that trust by lying to you.  We need to remember how we feel when someone lies to us.  That feeling can go a long way in keeping us from doing the same.  Strive to be truthful in all that you say, whether it is to a fellow employee, family member, or friend.  You will gradually build a reputation for being truthful and enjoy having the trust of others. 


Remember how you feel when someone lies to you and how difficult it is to ever believe them again.  Build your account balance by continually being truthful in all that you say and do.  You will earn the trust of everyone around you.


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