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May, 2007.  As long as I can remember I have heard preachers, evangelists, and missionaries stand before congregations and challenge them to do their part in winning the world for Christ!  Actually it always sounded like something that could be accomplished if each of us would just do our part. 


For the last twelve years I have tried to gain what I have called a Kingdom mentality.  I have worked at viewing God’s Kingdom as something beyond the walls of a local church, any particular denomination or other organization.  For someone like me who has grown up on the inside of church life gaining such a view has been a challenge. 


I have not traveled extensively, but I have traveled more than most people.  God has used time in England, Viet Nam, Thailand, India, Mexico and the Philippines to initiate in my heart and mind the beginning of a global mindset.  Without international travel I am not sure it is possible for a person to accurately view the world globally. 


Recently, during a two week stay in India God showed me that actually seeing the world come to Christ is something only God can accomplish.  It is ridiculously far beyond the ability of Christian mankind.  Visiting a nation of a billion people where 82 percent of the population is Hindu, 14 percent is Muslim, and only four percent is Christian, drives home the fact that winning even India is God’s project.  However, his method is to use each of us to accomplish the task.


To think we can accomplish such a task in our own strength is absurd.  Even trying to consider the task through God’s strength is beyond my ability to grasp.  Yet God always seems to take me back to the value of relationships.  Everywhere I go I seem to meet people who understand that Jesus is best shared through relationships.


Christiaan Bosman is a South African businessman living in New Delhi buying, selling, and exporting fabric.  He influences Hindu and Muslim relationships by quietly reflecting the character of God and putting off that sweet fragrance of Jesus (2 Cor 2:14-16) so those around him can feel at ease beside this gentle Christian businessman.  Christiaan does what all of us should do; he reaches out gently representing Jesus to those who do not know him.  He does not judge.  He does not rant and rave.  He loves others as Jesus loves them.  I think that is how God intends to win the world!


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