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fccibangalore042307-058Bangalore, India, April 22, 2007,.    I awoke this morning to the sounds of the “Garden City” of India.  I am staying in a guesthouse in the middle of this city of eight million people.  My room is on the top floor with a beautiful terrace that looks out over the neighborhood and surrounding city.  Daylight is just a glimmer at 5:45 a.m. and it is windless and cool.  Daily rain showers the past week have made the air humid. 


Hundreds of birds circle in the nearby sky and I hear others calling sounds I have never heard at home.  Horns sound in the distance as people stir to begin their day.  They say in India a driver can get along without brakes but never his horn! 


The family next door who slept out on their roof last night begin to awaken.  I look down on them and see how content they seem with just basic comforts and how adequate it was to sleep outside and go without “air conditioning.”  They begin to wash and prepare for the day.  I look away.  It is their home and they deserve their privacy.


This morning my breakfast is simple, unlike the monstrous meals I have enjoyed in the five star hotels in Mumbai and Hyderabad.  Today I eat dried cranberries, almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, pepitas, and drink bottled water.  I made chickaree coffee, taking a chance the tap water wouldn’t make me sick.  And everything is just great.


The streets below are getting noisier as vendors walk their carts up the street with each making their distinctive call or whistle that identifies who they are and what they are selling.  It strikes me again that I am hearing sounds I don’t hear at home.  And I am reminded how far away from home I am. 


Yet today I will speak to Christian men and women about God’s Kingdom and we will all enjoy what we most have in common…our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We will worship him together and read from his Word.  I will speak of things that will hopefully encourage them to reach others for Christ in this spiritually dark country.  And we will enjoy one another as if we have been friends for a long time.


I am blessed.  Thank you God for allowing me to experience more than I deserve.


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