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Monthly Archives: April 2009

lynerdI watched the movie “Marley and Me” the other night.  In the movie a young married couple gets a new dog and name him Marley.  The story follows their lives together up to the time of Marley’s death when their children are still in grade school.  Marley was a crazy, out of control, yet faithful pet.  The only thing Marley has in common with Lynerd is they are both Labs;  Marley a blond and Lynerd a chocolate.  That is where the two dogs part ways.  Lynerd joined our family several years ago.  We kind of rescued each other.  Jud, our previous dog had died and left us wanting a new pet.  Lynerd had lived his life behind bars providing stud service for a fee.  His owner warned us about how dominant and aggressive he tended to be.  Well, we think Lynerd must have been reborn when he was set free, because we have yet to see an aggressive act or dominant quality.  He just kind of lays there and loves us.  He is a friend who is faithful, loving, and affectionate.  He greets everyone at the front door by leaning against their leg to welcome them to his house.  He hates being outside unless we’re out there with him.  He wants to be in the same room with the most family members he can gather round.  He  likes his walk every evening even though, in his old age, he is broken down with arthritis in his legs.  He carries his own leash in his mouth as he walks alongside us checking out his neighborhood and welcoming the comments of all the neighbors who are accustomed to his silliness.  Marley dies at the end of the movie.  We cried as we watched his family bury him in the yard outside his house.  Lynerd laid at our feet sound asleep, every once in a while lightly snoring.  One day pretty soon Lynerd will die.  A loyal and faithful friend will pass on and we’ll have only memories of an incredilby sweet and faithful pet who knew only to love and be near his family.


Our problems always seem to have something to do with our finances, kids, husband or wife, job, or health.  Trials, hard times, difficulties, problems, something that distracts us from what needs to be done, or something that totally consumes us.


How do you handle this stuff?  How do you deal with the problems in your life that always seem to overwhelm you and keep you for living life in a way that brings fulfillment and meaning?  In the midst of everything that seems to drag you down and keep you from being happy, how do you live your life productively?


Think about it.  What is robbing your life of meaning?  Why?  What can you do to change it?  Let me encourage you to take some time and consider how things are going and what you need to do differently to live a more meaningful life.  You may need to get away for a couple of days, or learn something new.  You may need to make some hard decisions and stop some form of destructive behavior in your life.  You may need help.  Ask for it.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and family.  If family is distant and friends are few, then pursue opportunities to put people around you who will help.


Relief may come in the form of service.  Much of the time when we are struggling with our own problems, what we need most is to do something for someone else.  Volunteer and make a difference someplace.  Get your focus off yourself and onto others.  It will help.

Made any mistakes today?  I sat alone this morning drinking my coffee thinking about some of the mistakes I’ve made in recent days.  There are many.  Most of them poor decisions that had some sort of negative impact on those around me; my wife, kids, friends and work associates.


Ronald Reagan once said that even if you live your life properly, by the time you reach his age (he was in his seventies) you’ve made plenty of mistakes.  Does it strike you as a little scary that the most powerful man in the world at that time was also considering the mistakes he had made…and that there were plenty?


I tend to move on beyond my mistakes and don’t use a lot of time evaluating the result or outcome of those mistakes.  I am the guy who always seems pretty positive and sees the best in people first.  I know people, however, who dwell on their mistakes and do a pretty good job beating themselves up over them.  I struggle with those people because I think it is so easy to get stuck in the middle of all the mistakes they make and never move on.  I want to move on.  I want to learn from my mistakes but I don’t want to live among them.


Consequences are sometimes difficult to deal with.  And all of our mistakes have consequences.  And, I’m sorry to say, that some of those consequences are hard to shake.  I admire the life of Ronald Reagan.  Regardless of what you think of him, he made a difference even in the midst of his many mistakes.  I am sure he would have loved to have had the opportunity to reconsider some of the decisions he made.  But he was a man who moved beyond his mistakes.


Find a way today to move on; to move beyond your mistakes and live more free and unencumbered by the mistakes you will certainly make.  I’ll blow it today and make several mistakes.  Hopefully, however, I can deal with the consequences and enjoy a life that is more meaningful every day.

“If your boss is angry with you, don’t quit!  A quiet spirit can overcome even great mistakes.”  Ecclesiastes 10:4