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It was almost surreal.  He had done everything he knew to do.  He had worked for years at being the husband his wife needed.  And now, he sat in my truck crying uncontrollably.  We were moving him out.  For years he and his wife had been separated in so many ways yet lived under the same roof, and now they would no longer live together.  We were moving him to an apartment where he would try to find some peace and still work on the marriage.  But it was so sad and he was so incredibly heartbroken!  His emotion ranged from relief to guilt, from hope to despair.  I promised him things would get better and that God could still heal this broken marriage.  My words sounded hollow, even to me.

Days later this note came in the mail:

Jon, Always and forever such a good friend. You are my brother.  I dream of days on earth when my speech is littered with the excitement of God’s revealed work in my life.  Someday we’ll laugh in houses not made with hands, not move out of houses full of tears.  Thanks for being there for me.

No matter what challenge we face in life, we can always face it with an eternal perspective.  We can somehow always know that the day will come when we “laugh in houses not made with hands.”  We will be healed in every way and enjoying the presence of God in a way reserved for heaven itself.


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