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It is so easy to come up with a reason not to go to church. 

What’s your excuse?

  • “Sunday is my only day off.”
  • “All the church wants is my money.”
  • ” Those people at church are all a bunch of hypocrites.”
  • “I went to church once and no one talked to me.”
  • “I can hear all that stuff on television.”


The list goes on.  But frankly, church attendance can be a very healthy habit in your life.  The investment of your time at a good church can be how God chooses to bring great change in your life.  Being a part of a church that effectively teaches the Bible can provide answers to life’s questions.  Regular church attendance can lead you to meaningful relationships that meet needs in your life and ultimately make a huge difference for you.

The church is full of people.  A lot of them are just like you!  And, yes, there are hypocrites in the church.  You may even be asked to give some of your hard-earned money to keep the work of the church going.  And you can hear a lot of that “stuff” on TV, but you will hear it all by yourself with no chance of building relationships along the way.

 Attend different churches until you find the one that is right for you.  How do you decide where to go?  Ask.  Ask your friends at work where they attend church.  Go with them until you figure it out for yourself.  Make a list of the things you want in a church and don’t settle for less. 

 Some things to consider are:

  • Is the Bible taught in a way you can understand and apply to your own life?
  • Is the music appealing to you?  When people stand and sing, does it seem that the experience is meaningful?
  • Are the people friendly?  Does that church seem to be a place where you can make friends easily?


Finally, consider this question.  How would you do for church if there were no church buildings or trained clergy?


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