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There are special places all over your world if you slow down enough to notice.  It could be a rooftop in Bangalore, India, Panera Bread in Edmond, Oklahoma or a Kowloon café looking across the bay at Hong Kong.  This morning it’s the Paris Bakery in Paris, Texas.  It’s old, like nearly everything else in Paris and it sits just off the town square across the street from one of the coolest looking old courthouses I have ever seen!

 Sherri is down the street selling her wares to the local ladies boutique.  This week she travels throughout east Texas and southeastern Oklahoma seeing store owners in small towns that all have some very special places.  I take advantage of her travels to get away and do some writing.  I hang out in places like this one in Paris, the historic public library in Broken Bow, Bob’s Café in Durant, and a bench on the square in Sherman. 

Standing at the counter in the Paris Bakery, I ordered lunch and while waiting on it noticed a distinguished looking fella in line beside me.  He was wearing  a clerical collar so I struck up a conversation.  I asked him about the weather and he ended up joining me for lunch at my table.  Turns out, he is a Lutheran minister who is serving as the interim pastor of the Episcopal church in Paris.  Pretty interesting guy!  My conversation with Terry Germann made my special place this morning even more special!

 You ought to slow down a little and notice where some of the special places are in your life.  You probably walk or drive by them everyday.  Slowing down and spending some time in a special place gives you the opportunity to reflect, journal, pray, or even do some work.  And it’s always more fun and interesting at a place that is special to you.



  1. Indeed, we need to learn to slow down and reflect and appreciate the many important things in life God brings our ways. Too often we fail to notice them because of a hurried lifestyle.

  2. Thanks my friend.

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