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My cousin, Jay, recently sent me a couple of DVDs with old video of his family vacations from the 1950’s and 60’s.  His family took wonderful trips across America to spend time together.  It was a time when life was much simpler.  Families were creative about spending time with each other.  There was no cable television, Internet, cell phones, or social networking.  The interesting thing about my cousin’s vacation video was that it looked like my aunt, uncle and two cousins were actually having a great time together!

 I remember growing up playing with my parents!  Dad and I played catch in the yard and shot baskets in the driveway.  We built forts and rode bikes.  Inside we played games and had dinner together…every evening!  How weird was that!  We talked to one another at the table, learned good table manners, ate our vegetables, and ended up knowing what was going on in each other’s lives.

Today so much competes for our time that parents must take the initiative in planning time together as a family.  Single parents face an even greater challenge since there is no one to share the responsibility.  Love really is spelled “time.”  But today it seems that our time is the single most abused and maligned part of our lives.  Decide today to make the necessary changes in your schedule that will result in your family spending more time together.  Plan meals, play games, take short excursions to local attractions, or hang out in a special place.  Just do it with each other!  Most of all, as a family, make a new commitment to spending time together in order to grow more close as a family.


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