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I have a friend who is 57 years old and a voracious reader!  I asked him one time how he learned to love reading so much.  He said it was his mother’s fault!  On the first day of every summer, right after the school year had ended; his mother would take him to the public library where they would spend the entire day.  He would select all the books he would read that summer, and with his mother’s approval, begin the process that would have him sitting for a time each day, reading, reading, and reading.  He loved it!  That time each day was a time to rest and nap, and read his book before going back outside to play with his friends. 

 By the end of summer he would have read many books and sharpened the skills that would make him, in the years ahead, a better student, father, friend, and employee.  In some ways reading made him a better communicator.  He had something to say about the things he was learning from books.  His mother got him started but it was his love of reading that kept him going summer after summer.  Today books are a big part of his life.  There is a stack of reading on his office desk, his nightstand, and beside his chair in the den at home.

 Words are important. Good communicators are comfortable using words to craft what they want to say. Good communicators make confident leaders.  People typically understand what good communicators expect and believe.  Reading polishes one’s use of words and makes one a better writer.  Pick up a good book or magazine and get started reading today.


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