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My wife’s keen interest in nutrition began to change my eating habits over 32 years ago. It was probably dinner at my garage apartment the night my menu included fried bologna, frozen French fries, half a cherry pie and a carton of ice cream. For some reason she had a serious problem with dinner that night!  It was not long until she began to train me about the finer issues of protein, sugar, carbohydrates, cholesterol and on and on.

I think her point was this: You are what you eat!  Lunch with me on a regular basis (at least when my wife is not around) still includes an occasional slice of cherry pie.  And ice cream is still a big issue in my life.  But I must admit, things have changed significantly.  I am a lot more sensitive about what I eat.

I still love hot dogs though.  Did you know these hot dog facts?

  • Americans eat about 20 billion hot dogs every year, or an average of 70 dogs per person, per year
  • 9% of all hot dogs are eaten at baseball stadiums
  • 95% of American homes serve hot dogs regularly
  • 765 million hot dogs were sold in 2005 or $1.5 billion worth
  • Hot dog season — during which Americans eat 7 billion hot dogs — stretches from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Americans eat 150 million hot dogs on the fourth of July, alone

If my sweetheart is right, and I am what I eat, then my love for a good hot dog makes it a lot easier to understand the relevance of pig snouts and chicken feathers in my life!

It is really a lot easier to improve your eating habits than you think.  It just takes some effort, self-discipline, and more than anything, some education about what is good and bad for you.  Establishing a good diet is more common sense than anything.  Let’s see, what would be better for me, a hot dog covered with cheese and mustard or (my favorite snack for the last 32 years) an apple and peanut butter!

Take care of yourself!


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