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Mom has been giving away dad’s clothes for the past nine months.  It is a difficult thing to do.  Every piece of clothing represents a memory.  Today mom asked me to load the last of his shirts in the trunk of her car so she could take them to the church clothing ministry.

Dad would be pleased with how mom has disposed of his wardrobe.  He was a great dresser, always well-groomed and looking sharp.  Mom has carefully given his clothes to men who would appreciate a really good suit or nice shoes.  His grandson, Michael, recently wore a sports jacket and suit of dad’s after having them altered.  Dad would be so proud!  Michael looked great and was proud to be wearing Grandy’s clothes.

I reached into the closet, took a load of his shirts in my arms and smelled my dad.  I quickly carried them to the garage, placed them in the trunk of mom’s car, shut the trunk and headed for my Jeep.  As I drove away I cried once again.  It was such a familiar smell and I wish his shirts could have hugged me back.



  1. Jon

    I can’t imagine how hard this would be. I’m not looking forward to helping my parents clear out the other’s clothes after a death. The emotions that swirl around inside of us for months and years afterwards, can show themselves at any moment. Thank you for writing about your feelings and life so eloquently. I’m blessed everytime I read another one of your blogs!


  2. jon

    you have a real legacy. I am so glad that your dad so influnced your life for the good and for the help of so many.

    May God be praised for BOTH of your lives.


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