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Monthly Archives: October 2010

My friend suddenly and unexpectedly passed away one week ago tonight.  He was only 49.  He went to the hospital for some tests and less than six hours later he was dead.  Lynn Lindsay left a beautiful family: His beloved wife Sandy and two pretty cool kids, Ashton and Austin.

Sandy gave me the honor and privilege of officiating Lynn’s memorial service.  Several of Lynn’s friends shared their thoughts and memories.  His son, Austin at the age of 18 showed incredible maturity in his comments about his dad.  Every dad would want a son to say the things about him that Austin said about Lynn.

A work associate of Lynn’s wrote, “What was so amazing about Lynn was not just that he led an exemplary life, not just that he was kind, compassionate and generous, but that he was this way not out of a sense of duty or obligation or to get recognition, but because it made him happy.  He took joy in bettering the lives of others.”  Living this way did make Lynn happy, but it made him happy because he knew it pleased God and pleasing God was what Lynn’s life was all about.

I wonder what others will speak of at my memorial service.  Will their comments about me point others to Jesus?  Will others speak of me as being a wholly devoted follower of Christ?  What about your life?  Are you living a life that is all about pleasing God?  Lynn did.  He was a great example for Austin and the rest of us.

In the eternal perspective of time, all the years between last Thursday night and the moment I get to see Lynn in heaven amounts to just a small speck of time.  Knowing that I will see Lynn again is what the Bible refers to as “the hope of our salvation.”

See you in a minute, Lynn.