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Monthly Archives: December 2011

I talk to people all the time who dread the arrival of the holiday season.  Whether it is the stress brought on by additional financial burden, the sheer pace of back to back weeks filled with activity, or added pressure on personal relationships, it is a time that requires all of us to make wise and unselfish decisions.

“Family relationships can be tricky—especially at this time of year.  Minor issues like who will cook what or when to open gifts can lead to more serious conflict.  For some, deeper issues loom: Whose family will we visit?  Will the kids be with me or my ex?  How do I handle the hostility between family members?”*

These issues large or small, significant or not, can provide us the opportunity to evaluate the quality and value of relationships.  Consider your honest answers to the questions that follow:

  • Is the issue that is causing conflict something that is really worth the battle?
  • What is the conflict really about?  Perhaps it is just your desire to be in control.
  •  Can you express love and concern by choosing to help rather than needing to have your way?
  •  Is peace in your family worth the conflict that will follow a certain decision?
  •  What other options do you have?

This is a time of year when wisdom and unselfish attitudes should prevail.  Consider the long term implications when making your decision regarding your holiday activities and relationships.  How will those decisions affect your friends and family?

*Quote from