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Monthly Archives: December 2015

IMG_0962Christmas is a great time filled with traditions in the Cookhouse.  Sherri decorates a big nine foot tree we put in the living room.  It is mostly red and white and stunningly beautiful.  I put up lights on the outside of the house.  They have to be red.  Every year.  Everybody gets a stocking that hangs over the fireplace.  That includes son-in-law Steele, daughter-in-law Ali, and granddaughter Olivia.  Sherri is in charge with seeing the stockings filled with goodies on Christmas morning.  Emily makes sure her mom’s stocking is filled.  Sleigh Ride  by Amy Grant gets played on Christmas morning to wake the kids.  When they were little it would start and they would gallop around the house!  The Bible story of Jesus’ birth is read on Christmas morning before any gifts are exchanged.  First things first.  Traditions of all kinds provide some degree of stability in our lives.  They represent what has continued to be important to us through the years.  There is great value in traditions that have past the test of time.