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Monthly Archives: February 2016

IMG_1740February 3, 2016. I was standing in my den when it occurred to me that I had held all three of my granddaughters in one day…for the first time! My middle granddaughter Harper was in my arms. At six and a half weeks, she came just before Caroline, who was born yesterday! Caroline’s big sister, Olivia, had played with me at the hospital this morning.

In 21 months our family has changed dramatically as Matthew and Ali had Olivia and Caroline and Emily and Steele had Harper. And they say there are more to come! Sherri and I are thinking this grandparent gig is a pretty good deal. These girls bring such joy when we get to spend time with them. Whether I’m playing with Olivia or just holding the two little ones, their lives add meaning and fulfillment to our hectic and demanding existence.

Today, as I held each of my granddaughters, God confronted me with the opportunity He has given me to make a difference in the lives of these little girls. I worry about the challenges they will face living their lives for Christ in a world that is more and more evil each day. God is faithful and I must also be faithful to him and to three precious little girls. I must pray, and teach, and guide, and listen. I must love and treasure. After all, I am Pops!